Nature Walk and Talk Therapy

Now offering Nature Walk and Talk Therapy for clients in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area!

How it works: we meet up at a local trail and complete a standard therapy session (50 minutes) while walking together outdoors. We walk at an easy pace to allow for conversation, and there are benches and stopping points along the way.


Before we do this type of therapy together, a regular teletherapy session is needed to assess whether walk and talk therapy is the right fit for a client’s needs, including confidentiality considerations (walking in a public place) and any health concerns.

Please reach out for a consultation if you’d like to explore this option.


The natural world offers much in the way of healing, from a quieter place to reconnect with feelings, to a guide for experiencing the seasons of life, and a chance to observe and relate to wildlife, the landscape, and natural phenomena. Experiencing nature and exploring ways to care for nature can both be great sources of healing and meaning.

I am certified in ecopsychology, an approach that combines ecology and psychology to consider how human wellbeing and the health of the natural world fit together. I invite clients to discuss their experiences with nature whenever it is meaningful for them to do so.

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