Mindful Eating

Part of incorporating nature in therapy can be a focus on food, eating, and ingredients as a healthy source of connection to self and the natural world. I work with clients in exploring the meaning of food to them and helping apply concepts of mindful awareness to the experiences of growing or selecting food, cooking, and eating. This can be a way to help reconnect a person’s body and sensations, and in a larger way, tap into the natural world and a richer experience of the seasons.

Slowing down, savoring flavors, smells and textures, and enjoying the sensory experience of food can help slow down tendencies towards stress eating in which a person is less aware of what they take in. If eating tends to be emotionally motivated, spending time in a mindfulness meditation or reflection related to a food or ingredient can be grounding and enjoyable, a helpful counterweight to anxiety.

Food evokes emotions and memories related to people, places, and experiences, and can provide helpful metaphors and topics for exploration in therapy. I invite clients to let me know if they would like to explore this topic and learn more about mindful approaches to a relationship with food. Please see my page on Nature Therapy for more information about nature as a therapeutic partner.


Mindful Eating 101 – A Beginner’s Guide