Nature Therapy

The natural world offers much in the way of healing, from a quieter place to reconnect with feelings, to a guide for experiencing the seasons of life, and a chance to observe and relate to wildlife and other parts of nature. Experiencing nature and exploring ways to care for nature can both be great sources of healing and meaning. I am certified in ecopsychology, an approach that combines ecology and psychology to consider how human wellbeing and the health of the natural world fit together. I bring nature into the therapy setting through plants and nature objects, and invite clients to discuss their experiences with nature whenever it is meaningful for them to do so. In the future, I hope to expand to offering therapy in the outdoors. Follow this link to learn more about nature as a therapeutic partner. I also offer clients support in mindful eating, another form of connection to nature with the goal of a healthier relationship with food and the natural world. Please see my page on Mindful Eating for more information.