Coaching Services

Coaching is a one-time or periodic solution-focused consultation to address specific needs and issues. This is not psychotherapy, but a targeted way to identify solutions for enhanced wellbeing as described in the services below. Current and former psychotherapy clients may not become coaching clients. Mental health diagnoses and treatment are not provided in coaching. 

Coaching for Professionals 
  • Practical solutions for managing work-life balance, addressing burnout, and creating a life structure supportive of overall wellbeing. 

  • Solutions for empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs) to better manage their energy. 

  • Solutions for leaders and executives seeking strategies for maintaining wellbeing for themselves and their employees under stressful conditions. 

Coaching for Therapists
  • Training and support for incorporating nature into mental health practice, from Nature Walk and Talk Therapy to ecotherapy in the office. 



Coaching and consulting services are not psychotherapy, nor are they medical care. Coaching services do not include diagnosis or treatment of mental health issues. If a need for mental health treatment is indicated, I will provide referral information. For medical issues, please consult a physician. Life coaching services are designed as a one-time or periodic solution-focused consultation to support wellbeing through the specific services described and may be conducted in person, by phone, or by video conference. For individuals, payment is due at the time of the session by credit card. These services are not covered by insurance. Current and former psychotherapy clients may not become coaching clients. 


Confidentiality of communications with coaching and consulting clients will be protected. Information about our work together will only be released to others with your written permission, or if required by a court order. Given that Elizabeth is also an LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor), there are some situations in which she is legally obligated to make exceptions to confidentiality protections in order to protect others from harm, including (1) if she has information that indicates that a child or elderly or disabled person is being abused, she must report that to the appropriate state agency and (2) if a client is an imminent risk to him/herself or makes threats of imminent violence against another person, she is required to take protective actions. 


Please provide at least 24 hours of notice during business hours to avoid being charged for your session if you need to cancel.